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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 26, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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he just happened to walk down the street. [ laughter ] >> and i said, wow! let me watch where he is going. >> reporter: he called the police. they watched again later that afternoon as offenses arrested him on this bridge. not far from the site of the car fire. >> police were -- were going up the hill carefully behind him. >> there was a number of plane clothed policeman that surrounded him and seemed to go off without a hitch. >> reporter: he is held on $1.3 million bond and booked on six felony counts of orson. he lives on -- arson. he lives on that block where he was arrested. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. and help could be on the way for the fire department.
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they approved $325,000 for the unit. the chief tells ktvu she is pleased about the funding. it is less than what the department asked for but it will cover the cost of two additional arson investigators and bring the unit to six. the funding needs approval of the full board. san jose's airport director is urging stronger security. two months after a teen scaled a fence and hid in the wheel well of a jet to hawaii. ktvu's tom vacar spent the day at the airport and he reports on where he go from here. -- we go from here. >> they have been coming to san jose airport for several years to shoot pictures of planes they post online. things changed after the fence jumping stow away accident where he began his trip to hawaii in the wheel well of a jet. >> a lot of times they stop and
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check on what we are doing. this time they checked and talked to us and just seeing what we are doing. >> they do seem to be -- talking to us and stopping and checking on us. >> reporter: since the hawaiian incident they are starting to spend more time looking at what is going on outside of the perimeter, rather than souly were -- soley worrying about what is going on inside. >> they made four suggestions that will build on increased security measures. consider security enhancement and conduct perimeter walks to identify place wheres security could be improved, identify opportunities to harden the perimeter sections. and work with a airport agency
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that analyzes analyzes and recommends new security technologies. >> those technologies are expensive and we are determining what will work for our airport specifically. look at new security technologies at 6:00 p.m. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details show. raising the passengers facility charge would be one way to pay for more security. they are set at $4.50 per passengers. the airport hasn't raised since 2000. money from the fee stays with the local airport to pay for security. an increase of $1 would bring bring in 8 -- bring in $8 million a year. blocked for hours by a over turned big rig. it plowed through the center diverrer. the driver lost control --
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driver the driver lost control. >> it kicked up concrete and we had five other vehicles struck by the concrete. luckily only the driver of the semi as well as the driver of the minivan were transported. >> both drivers suffered minor injuries. all lanes reopened around 11:00 a.m. after fuel and dirt was removed and the big rig was towed away. police arrested a man wanted for attempted homicide and a kidnapping that triggered a amber alert. jose luis valencia was taken into custody tuesday without incident. investigators say they believe he stabbed and injured his ex- girlfriend last week and took his daughter who he threatened to hurt. he later handed over the child to a family member. a water main break flooded streets and propertied concerns about a sink hole about 9:00
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a.m. this morning -- prompted concerns about a sink hole about 9:00 a.m. this morning. once the water was drained from the streets they did digging to make sure there was no danger the road would collapse. >> that pressure when there is a crack or break in the line create as force underthe ground that -- under the ground that creates voids. the voids can possibly make the street itself collapse. >> by noon time the public works department determined there was no danger of a sink hole. we looked into the infrastructure in san francisco. at 5:30 p.m. the hundreds of miles of old pipes that are still in use and how much it will cost to fix. new developments in the case of a giants man nearly beaten to death outside dodger stadium. bryan stow's lawyer said he should get $37.2 million or more. this is the first time we have
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heard the family or their attorney talk about an amount when it comes to their lawsuit. both sides made their final arguments arguments. in the court for los angeles for closing arguments. >> reporter: every day for five weeks bryan stow's family came to the courthouse. their hope now is jurors will take their side and reward them millions to care for their brain damaged son bryan stow. >> we hope so. we hope so. it will come down a the attorneys and their close and hope the jury is listening to everything. >> the argument is this: the dodgers and frank mccourt were negligent by not providing enough security 2011 during and after the game when bryan stow was nearly beaten to death in a
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parking lot. a chart showed what was described as gaps. >> the dodgers -- [ indiscernible ] >> prevented them from providing a safe place. that is all there is to it. >> you understand the only thing that brian was doing wrong is wearing a jersey that said giants. he wasn't assaulting anybody. >> the dodgers place the blame on these two. luis suarez and marvinmen -- louie sanchez and mark marvin norwood -- marvin norwood. dodger attorney said they are responsible for the injuries, not the dodgers who spent more on security that night than ever before. >> responsibility for what happened to bryan stow, and this condition he is in and all the medical bills, responsibility rest with them. >> the dodger defense team, he
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used the 2013 boston -- boston marathon bombings and the assassination of ronald reagan as examples. >> you can take reasonable steps but you cannot say we can prevent an altercation. >> reporter: bryan stow was not in court for closing arguments. his family said they wanted to spare him from hearing about his lost income, about the monetary value of his life. of pain and suffering. the opposing attorney summed up a controversial trial this way. >> i think we told our story. you know, it is up to them. i feel a little like the guy who isn't too handsome the week before the prom. you are nervous if they are going to say yes. >> i disagreed with many things
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he said and i suspect he disagreed with mine and i accept that. this is how this works. >> reporter: six men and six women will deliberate. it could be the dodgers are responsibility, could be louie sanchez and marvin norwood, could be bryan stow bears responsibility. he was drinking that night. there is a lot of really question marks about the numbers the jurors will come up with and the responsibility, if any. reporting live in downtown los angeles. this weekend is san francisco's pride celebration and businesses are hoping to recover money they lost while the area is experiencing a makeover. ktvu's paul chambers joins us live. construction there is on hold? >> reporter: that's right. as you can see the cones are gone for now, just in time for pride weekend which is good
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news for businesses in the area. >> reporter: pride and flags are nothing new for the castro. but this many stores will focus on one color, green. >> it is going to get busy. hopefully we will make money. >> reporter: that is very important for this owner. it will celebrate its first pride this weekend. [ indiscernible ] [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: they rely on foot traffic so this weekend the outlook is good. after pride another change will happen as the construction resumes. [ indiscernible ] >> that will kill us for sure. you know? i won't be able to open the doors. >> reporter: while construction is back for one business, a different type of construction should be good. this is the bar's first pride.
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>> 43 years, first time it ever had windows. back in the day it couldn't have windows. [ indiscernible ] >> pride weekend is the busiest time of year. if history proves to repeat itself, we will see lots of green. [ indiscernible ] >> see what the change is all about. looking forward to it. good weekend for us. >> reporter: after pride construction will resume and everything will be done by october. live in san francisco, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. an advance on your tax refund, why some say they were cheated out of their checks. >> sizzling summer heat, the timing on triple digits temperatures and the bay area forecast. >> sheriff's deputies never seen anything like it, a robber throwing bottles of alcohol at
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new video of a aggressive robber. you can see him grabbing bottles off the shelves and he starts throwing them at the store clerk. that man managed to get away. tonight the stamp is trying to find him. -- sheriff's department is trying to find him. ktvu's as meths is trying to find -- [ audio difficulties ] [ audio difficulties ]
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he is wearing a shirt that said kali-life. dozens of people were hurt when a apartment gave way in texas. it occurred during a religious event outside of houston. 100 people were there. 3 dozen people went to the
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hospital. including children. most had minor injuries. there are reports a rotted floor may be the cause. tomorrow new lanes will keep traffic moving along interstate 680. they will open a new north bound merging [ audio difficulties ] scientists discovered a new species while on an expedition in africa. they came across a previously undocumented kind of elephant shrew. scientists say it is the third new species to be discovered in the past decade. one of those classic june
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days. from the north bay, blue skies. >> it started off sketchy this morning. a few sprinkles. rain drops and a push of on shore flow. lots of clouds this morning. it cleared up quickly and warmed up quickly. i can show you the cloud cover. back it up. and you can see the system, goes through, over the top of us. off to call rain. reports of san francisco of drops. like real rain drops. the fog cleared along the coast. there is patches. see right there? it will fill in tonight. temperatures will warm. we had seriously strong onshore winds. they will subside. san francisco airport 26 miles per hour gusts. they will come down and that will allow temperatures to begin to warm a few degrees.
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tomorrow. and further warming into the bay area weekend and next week when temperatures upper 90s. maybe low 100s. we will see. more like tuesday. 78 fairfield. 77 antioch. low 80s in sacramento today. all that changes. the onshore flow continues. it is backing off enough so that we will see a warmer day tomorrow. weekend warming trend continues as the high pressure establishes itself more firmly. here is the fog for the morning hours. 5:00 a.m. is this fog? no. low clouds. we wake up cloudy, all of us. as the day goes on, we warm up. there is your 90s. coming back. we didn't have 90s today. we had 80s. reds creep west ward saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday. around the bay area.
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lots of 70. 82 napa. warmer tomorrow for friday. warmer still on saturday, sunday, monday and into tuesday. great air quality pattern. fog along the coast. stays there. it will be patchy and dense tonight. more of it tomorrow and then fog it will be along all weekend. even though it feats up inland -- heats up inland as you will see in the five-day forecast, cool at the coast. here is the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. boom, boom, boom, numbers go up. we will have an update on the rain totals when i see you back here. >> thank you. how old are the pipe business neath san francisco -- beneath san francisco? we will look at how much it
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will cost to fix them. >> incident regret. that is what i felt the second my hands left the rail after jumping off of the bridge behind me. >> and now a look at what we are work on for 6:00 p.m. neighbors taking a stand. >> if you have a kid and you are diving to the flow, totally unacceptable. >> ultimatem that forced -- ultimatum that forced them to sell their home. these stories and much more coming up at 6:00 p.m.
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. the golden gate bridge has always tracted a lot of visitors. many love the view but others come intent on ending their life. last year 46 people jumped off. tomorrow officials are trying to make a major change. that change will be made possible by approving funds for a suicide barrier. >> the construction of a large public infrastructure project on the golden gate bridge takes a lot of money.
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>> they had been $7 million short to install the barrier. now it is getting the funding from the state's mental health services act which was passed by voters in 2004. today with state and bridge officials a man who jumped off the bridge and survived spoke about the need for a bridge net. he said it will keep others from doing what he did. >> the decision made here tomorrow will not only make history, but it will mean that not one more soul, not one more soul will be lost to that bridge. >> officials say more than 1400 people have died after jumping since the bridge opened in 1937. if approved by the district tomorrow the net will hang 2 stories below the length of the bridge. it will take three years to complete. the feds are giving out millions in grants to hope homeless veterans. the va announced it is giving
5:26 pm
out $5 million to help veteran with special needs. 25 organizations around the country are getting the money. his wife is in a coma but she still had their baby. we check into show you how they are doing. >> doing small things for her is like running a marathon. >> the treatment she receiving in the bay area tie to to bring her back. this was the bottom. >> a bay area business accuse said of using uncle sam to steal from its customers. why some say refunds did not add up and there could be more victims out there.
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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. a mother is in a coma after she had her son one months ago. we are learning about the moments between mother and son. [ crying ]
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>> the boy is doing well. bringing him to the hospital is motivating for his wife who is fighting to wake up from a coma. ktvu's katy eustis brings us inside the hospital. >> good job. >> reporter: she sleeps beautifully surrounded by family and her son west. but the days and months ahead are far from a fairy tale. easily solved with a kiss. >> doing small things for her is like running a marathon. >> reporter: we met her hawes month ago when -- husband a months ago when doctors delivered her son while in a coma from a brain tumor. she is now treating her. >> we have lots of patients who beat the odds and that is what
5:31 pm
this is about. >> reporter: she is receiving physical therapy combined with nuro fighting drugs -- neuro fighting drugs. >> take in what is happening around you. >> here is the bottle. >> reporter: what her level of understanding is now remains a mystery. >> worry about how frustrating it is for her. worry about, you know, whether or not she thinks this isn't worth it to me. >> if she does well she would move to another facility. >> depends on the insurance company, are they going to fight us, are they going to challenge the metrics used here? >> reporter: brian thinks time with west motivates melissa.
5:32 pm
he balance as life story with a uncertain ending. >> i have to learn how to do independent living with a baby. >> their father post to their facebook page almost every day with updates. if you would like to follow their journey we posted a link on katy eustis, ktvu channel 2 news. a 35-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a road anal incident. the stamp -- rage incident. >> the sheriff's department said he cut in front of a school bus and backed into the boss. no one was injured. this happened monday afternoon. deputies tracked him down and arrested him today on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. water gushed into the streets in san francisco as water pipe burst. south of market about 9:10 a.m. this morning. shut down a water system,
5:33 pm
closed the street and forces official to divert muni buses. work continues to find other problematic pipes in the city. ktvu's john fowler is live with more on the aging infrastructure. >> reporter: that's right. the crews here knocked off a short while ago. they will come back tomorrow but this broken pipe left a lot of silt and concerns. you might call this a good news, bad news pipe break. >> reporter: 100,000 gallons of water erupted from under bryant street. >> terrifying. >> the pipe that broke in our water supply system. which is 100 miles of high pressure pipe. it was built after the 1906 earthquake. >> reporter: it burst today during a system pressure test but we have learned it had been
5:34 pm
leaking for months. leaks are becoming common. about 3 a week. blamed on rusty pipes and settling soil. >> once you get a leak it could turn into a break. >> reporter: the fire system, 150 pounds pressure could spray 20 stories high. firefighters say it was crucial last march and would be begin in a major earthquake. they estimated to replace the pipes would cost $300 million. it is now spending up to 50 million to find and fix weak spots before they become breaks. >> we are happy to find this now rather than after the earthquake. >> reporter: officials pointed pointed out this was recycled, not drinking water. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. the u.s. made it into the next round of the world cup even though they were beat by
5:35 pm
germany this morning. >> hundreds of people packed san francisco to watch the game on the big screen there. in san jose it was standing room only. many people took the morning off to watch the game. germany won 1-0 but the u.s. makes it to the next round. the u.s. wasn't even supposed to make it this far. so fans say getting through the first stage was victory enough. >> it lacked drama but i am glad we advanced. >> the crowd wasn't really rowdy today. maybe by the time the u.s. makes it to the final or something. >> managers say they have seen huge turn outs for the world cup matches. now the u.s. advances to the second stage. that starts on saturday. the top two teams will advance to the round of 16.
5:36 pm
winners have an advantage. they get to play the runner up of another group so the u.s. will play the winner of group h, that is belgium and that is tuesday. the team that loses goes home and there are no ties. games that are tied go to a penalty shoot out if necessary. the round of 16 is followed by the quarter finals and the simee finals -- semi-finals. former secretary of state hillary clinton continuing her book signing tour in san francisco this morning. a thousand people lined up to wait for a chance to meet hillary clinton and for her to sign a book. that book hard choices is a memoir. for many people who awaited her arrival this morning they hopes she runs for president. >> i am going to tell her the
5:37 pm
last time i met her in washington. >> i don't know. i think -- i think it is time we have a woman. >> during an appearance in san francisco last mouth she said he remained unsure whether -- month she said she remained unsure whether she would run. the supreme court weighs in, why anti-abortion protesters call it a major victory. >> an advance on your tax refunds. why some say they were cheated out of their checks. >> the new plan that could give you more choice when it comes to which cell phone carrier you use.
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university of california at berkeley police are stepping up patrols near the campus following sexual assault. police say it happened sunday morning on a side street. police say a woman was attacked by a man who came up behind her. she described him as mixed race, 6 feet tall and short hair. police are warning students to be vigilant and keep aware of their surroundings. they delayed consideration of a cell phone unlocking bill till after july 4. the bill would allow people to unlock their phone and switch cell
5:41 pm
phone carriers after a contract expired. the house of representatives passed similar legislation in february. >> these devices are so personal, so important. we want to make sure they have the options and choice to select their carriers. >> the law makers are expected to approve the bill but the committee is waiting till they return from the holiday recess. go pro went public today and opened trading in new york this morning. >> three, two, one. [ cheers and applause ] >> go pro's public offering is said to be the biggest for a consumer electronics company in two decades. the cameras are very popular among thrill seekers. $24. shares rose 30%. shares were telling for $31 and change. the supreme court weighs in
5:42 pm
on where you can and cannot protest. why people anti-abortion say it is a huge win. >> irs said they deposited the money. >> but her money went into someone else's pocket instead. a business accused of stealing refunds. >> after the break, a look at the sprinkles that showed up, more about the weekend as temperatures begin to increase. back here after the break. female announcer: time is running out to get the hottest deal
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2 investigates looks into tax preparer accused of pocketing customer's refunds. since we started digging into complaints our investigation is now attracting the attention of authorities. ktvu's melanie woodrow followed the money and exposed the catch behind a promise of quick cash. >> reporter: customers 2 investigates spoke with came to one of four locations inside a check cashing business. the question, whether or not customers knew what they were signing up for. >> reporter: fast cash and big refunds. >> between 12 and 1500. >> reporter: that is what they promise customers during tax season. >> it is your money, get it faster. >> reporter: some tell us incident tax falls short.
5:46 pm
>> it never came. >> reporter: the nationwide tax preparer has a dozen locations in california. customers 2 investigates spoke with went to one of four bay area locations. each in the lobby of a money lot or check cashing business. they say an employee filed their taxes at the third street location in san francisco. >> i talked to her. took my information. she had me sign a pad thing. >> reporter: that employee told her she was signing for tax preparation. >> i was told i just paid the $400 up front. >> reporter: but they have been signing for hundreds of dollars in undisclosed fees. >> she didn't tell me i had to pay a loan fee. >> reporter: incident tax deducted the fees from her refund. she never received a refund.
5:47 pm
>> irs told me they deposited into my bank account. i am like, this isn't my bank. >> reporter: they filed complaints with the irs. they deducted $900 in fees from her refund. >> they were looking for people who needed the money so -- >> reporter: employees directed anyone who complained to call the manager and oner -- owner. >> he said you are the most persistent and i can tell you are not going to go away. >> reporter: she says he agreed to pay her back part of the fees. $550 if she signed this letter. >> agrees not to contact the irs. >> she didn't have to sign a similar letter but when she told an employee we were investigating her missing refund the employee gave her
5:48 pm
$2,500 cash. 2 investigates wanted to ask about the transactions. he lives in this high rise. despite several phone conversations he would not meet with us in person. his attorney told us customers signed accepting the fees. in some cases clients signed to have a bank account signed up for the deposit. once the funds are deposited they deduct fees and loan proceeds. the customers say that was never discussed with them. >> if they did to us they did to other people too. >> reporter: we turned over our research to the irs, department of justice and the san francisco city attorney's office. they opened an investigation. they want to hear from anyone who went to a franchise in san
5:49 pm
francisco. we will put their information on reporting in san francisco, melanie woodrow, ktvu channel 2 news. the irs and d.o.j. could not confirm or deny whether they are investigating the franchises we visited. last year a court in ohio shut down the service parent company for defrauding customers and requiring them to charge phony feeze. if you have an idea for 2 investigates we want to hear from you. now to the chief, bill? the rain was here and then it disappears. >> just enough to wetten things. especially ahong -- wet things especially along the coast. these are the highs today. they were just slightly warmer than the highs we saw yesterday. so yesterday was cool,
5:50 pm
remember? 79 fairfield. 79 antioch. highs tomorrow, more mid-80s. a weather system slides through the bay area. another one to the norm. they have been getting -- north. they have been getting rain up there, around the oregon boarder. would be nice to get some here. we got some sprinkles. trace amounts. strong winds right now. 25 miles per hour gusts at fairfield. san francisco international airport gusts over 20 miles per hour. the pass, 38 miles per hour, towards livermore. the forecast for tomorrow will be warmer than this. these are the current temperatures right now. temperatures tomorrow at this time i will show you mid-80s. cool greens and yellows. representing the cool moist air that is pushed in by the strong winds and this low pressure. high builds in tomorrow and friday is a nicer day. warmer on friday. and it will be warmer as we
5:51 pm
head into the bay area weekend. we look at sunday's forecast highs. impressive. 95 livermore. 85 san jose. we can take a peak at the numbers in the -- on monday. you will find temperatures into the upper 90s. it will be warmer on monday and tuesday. with the numbers, fire danger becomes -- comes on big time. 84 fairfield. 86 vacaville. friday, friday, right? air quality good. fire danger will change. stuff starts to happen when we get this kind of warmth or heat in the bay area. mid-90s by sunday. back over to you. see you back here at 6:00 p.m.
5:52 pm
>> thank you. asiana airlines -- anti- abortion supporters say it is a huge win. >> the last opportunity we have. >> the ruling. >> and now a look for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> there was a pattern of nuisance that was obvious. >> how the community banded together to force-out the trouble makers and a pilot survives a airplane crash but dies after the plane burst into flames. why first responders did not get to him in time. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.  radio announcer: it's mattress discounters 4th of july sale.
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>> today was the last day for public comment on the implementation of a new driver's license law. today dmv representatives held one last public hearing in oakland and another hearing in los angeles. they will now review the comments to determine what documentation is acceptable. >> the identity documents have to be verifiable. they have to be authentic, secure. also the california residents, it is another thing they will
5:56 pm
have to prove. >> the dmv supports the law because a license driver has passed a driving test and knows the rules of the road. they have till january 1 of next year to issue the licenses. next week a.c. transit is making changes to way the passengers pay for fairs. they are doing away with the paper transfers. you can pay each time you board or buy a day pass and that lets you get unlimited rides for the day. if you clues a clipper card, as soon as you swipe for a second ride your day pass is activated. a supreme court ruling has abortion clinics on alert. what the justices said about buffer zones outside clinics. >> reporter: on any given day protesters gather outside abortion clinnings.
5:57 pm
the supreme court rule -- clinics. the supreme court ruled to strike down a law that created a no protest buffer zone surrounding clinics. they are concerned this could trigger violence, sent an alert country wide. >> clinic violence is real. patients and clinic staff are regularly subjected to threats, intimidation. >> the supreme court did not strike down all protest zone laws. they ruled the law went too far when it created a 35-foot buffer zone to keep demonstrators away from patients. >> reporter: the law violates the first amendment right of free speech. i will walk back 35 feet. you probably couldn't hear me and you might be having trouble reading this sign.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: activists were celebrating outside the supreme court after the ruling. >> being able to reach out at the last moment before they go in is the last opportunity that we have to save babies and save the mom's from having wrecked lives. >> it would allow the state to create less stricter buffer zones. ktvu channel 2 news. the justices sided with congress and not the president. the court ruled in favor of republicans in their clash with president obama over recess appointments he made to a labor board without senate confirmation. the president argued they are on already break and that was equivalent to a recess. they said congress gets to decide when it is in recess and there was no recess when president obama acted. now at 6:00 p.m. we know a bay area pilot was killed by the fire, not the crash in front of spectators at
5:59 pm
their air show. the questions about safety friends and family want answered. >> a arsonist is in jail tonight. >> neighbors suffered years of fear and intimidation. >> you have a kid and you are diving for the floor because of the shooting. >> they are relieved what they did to get their neighbors to move out. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> this air show derned deadly at travis air force base -- turned deadly at travis air force base. we are learning the stunt pilot inside the plane was killed by the fire, not the crash. good evening. i am mike mibach. >> i am gasia mikaelian. frank and julie have the night off. experts insisted if they got to the tarmac faster he may have been saved. ktvu's john sasaki has more on
6:00 pm
the findings about the questions surrounding the emergency response. >> reporter: the pilot spent half his life impressing air show crowds but an may 4 at travis air force base the crowd saw him crash. >> he was a safe individual. just one of those things. >> but he says the crash is not what killed him. >> he suffered from severe burns that caused his death. i was at the air show that day. i watched his plane go up in flames as it took minutes to get to the crash site. >> saw one gentlemen but the fire struck were nut -- truck were not there. >> reporter: his fire crews can be on a crash scene quickly.


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